Matilda Musings!

I adore a lot of colors! I really like how the pink blends, oh so gracefully with the purple when I look at the dwarf Iris flowers, how the orange blends with the perfect shade of yellow and pink during a mesmerizing sunset across the ocean, how the white blend so boldly with the black, making it almost impossible to recognize them individually, almost like the lovers!

But nothing can beat the blues. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a lot of them lately. My days feel bright but my nights feel heavier and now that I recall, most of my nights have been like this. I don’t mean to scare you, but there is something about the silent night, so calming, so horrifying!

I find myself in a boat filled with all these feelings, some that I have been trying to avoid while some I’ve been trying to embrace and I ask you, what is so wrong about all these feelings? If having ugly feeling scare you, then are you really embracing new versions of yourself or only the parts that seem convenient to love and nurture?

Yes, I realise how the conversation went from discussing my favorite colors to slowly slipping into the blues but isn’t that the beauty of a conversation? It’s really sweet and absolutely innocent in the beginning, but the more you talk, the more safe space you develop, the more you grow through it and the more real it gets. And somehow, that is what is so imperfectly perfect about it!

Published by Ananda Jethani

I am a 23 year old vibrant human. šŸ˜ I love expressing myself through dance and writing. Finding a beautiful blend between Science and Art as I navigate my way through life.

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