A balance between COVID and Mental health?

Having a hard time coping up with your mental health while in the midst of a Pandemic? I totally relate to you! No doubt it is necessary to take precautions to keep your family safe during COVID but at the same time, one should not ignore the negative influence caused on mental health, especially on small children. Kids can have a hard time processing and adjusting, specially at an age when they are supposed to study, play outdoors and focus on growing healthy and therefore it is very important to check-up on your children in such tough times.

As a Parent, it is necessary to spend time with your children and notice any signs of discomfort or depression. It is highly important to keep the communication lines open and to build a safe space for them to express their emotions, even the uncomfortable ones can be a huge step to prevent children from slipping into depression and having regular episodes of anxiety attacks.

Children are born curious and the best way to make them comfortable around the whole Pandemic is to explain them everything that is going around the world, why is it important to stay at home and how one can prevent the spread of this virus by usage of masks and regular sanitisation. This type of honesty can bring a sense of understanding in the children, thereby making them stronger to face the Pandemic rather than building more fear around it.

It is also essential to make sure that children follow a daily routine that involves a balance between academic and the extra-curricular activities in order to maintain discipline. It can also be a great chance for families to spend some quality time together, being involved in different activities like doing Yoga, Cooking, Painting and exploring new activities!

Last but not the least, if the child is having a hard time, then do not shy away from seeking help. It is as important to seek professional help if someone is mentally hurting, as it is to visit a doctor when someone has an accident. These times are tough and it is important to reach out for help when needed, in order to get through the Pandemic!

Published by Ananda Jethani

I am a 23 year old vibrant human. 😁 I love expressing myself through dance and writing. Finding a beautiful blend between Science and Art as I navigate my way through life.

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