Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? I’ll say, HECK YES!

It was not a long time back when Covid had hit upon us, and let’s be honest, we all were so excited to have a 2 week holiday from work, school and college! *2 minute silence* the 2 week changed into an entire year!! And there was something that helped me stay sane, any guess? Definitely staying organized.

There was a point where everything was falling apart. I woke up one day, ready to take on the world and Covid was all over the news. It was all so sudden that I had to return midway from a full-time dance course from Bangalore and I landed in Pune, only to know that it would take me months to go back to the “Normal” and there was something abnormal, or disturbing about the chaos of not knowing when things would resume back to Normal. But that was when organizing myself and things around me made so much sense, in order to still feel in control of my own damn life!

I started learning how to cook a little with the help of my amazing mother, dividing my days in order to achieve a sense of productivity as well as trying to balance my social life. In the matter of 2 weeks, I found so much comfort in the space that I had beautifully built for own myself. After all, organizing did bring me a sense of control, a beautiful belonging and a hold on my life, which was very important in order to stay on track!

Published by Ananda Jethani

I am a 23 year old vibrant human. 😁 I love expressing myself through dance and writing. Finding a beautiful blend between Science and Art as I navigate my way through life.

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